Toshiba® Service Center in Kolkata (South) & Customer Care

Contact Toshiba customer support for lodging complaints, appliance installation/uninstallation or request repair service at the doorstep.

    Toshiba Home Appliance Service Center

    Toshiba is a premiere electronics product manufacturer and distributor. In Kolkata, their LED, Smart TV is very popular. They have a large network of distributors, suppliers and customer care service centres, through which they provide after-sales support. Contact Toshiba customer care for registering complaints, claim warranty for new products, installation and uninstallation & booking a service technician at your doorstep for repair or replacement of appliances.

    Toshiba Customer Care Number (Expired Warranty)

    Phone support: 9831015086, 9831015066, 033 2464 3032
    Timing: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
    WhatsApp Support: +91 79808 72976

    Toshiba Customer Care Number (Warranty)

    Free Installation:1800 123 960 960 (Toll Free)
    Customer care email:,
    Facebook Page:

    Toshiba TV Service Centre Kolkata

    At the Toshiba service centre we do all kinds of TV installation & uninstallation, TV repair and spare parts replacement including Toshiba QLED TV, Toshiba OLED TV, Toshiba LED TV, Toshiba LED TV panel repair, Toshiba LCD TV, Toshiba DLP TV, Toshiba Plasma TV, Toshiba HDR TV service centre, Toshiba Direct TV, Toshiba Flat TV, Toshiba Curved TV, Toshiba 1080p TV, Toshiba 4K TV, Toshiba 8K TV, Toshiba Smart TV, Toshiba HDR TV at your doorstep. 

    Facing these Toshiba TV issues? Repairing your LED /LCD TV is crucial for uninterrupted entertainment. At the Toshiba Service Centre, we are here to assist you with any TV-related problems you may encounter. Some of the most common LED and LCD TV issues our customers face include:

    Common Toshiba TV Problems

    • Power failure: TV doesn’t respond to power button
    • Audio absence: Speakers produce no sound
    • Blank display: Screen shows no image
    • Image degradation: Picture appears blurry or distorted
    • Linear artifacts: Vertical or horizontal lines visible on screen
    • Illumination irregularities: Backlight flickers or dims unexpectedly
    • Spontaneous shutdown: TV turns off without user input
    • Remote malfunction: Control device unresponsive
    • Connectivity issues: HDMI ports fail to transmit signal
    • System instability: TV freezes or crashes during use
    • Sluggish performance: User interface responds slowly or becomes unresponsive

    Toshiba TV Repair Service Charges in Kolkata

    *The rate chart below may change while you are viewing this.

    RepairService Charges
    Toshiba TV Upto 32″₹400
    Toshiba TV Above 32″₹500
    Toshiba TV Installation₹1250/-
    Toshiba TV Uninstallation₹600/-
    Toshiba TV LED Panel repair 32″₹4500/-
    Toshiba TV LED Panel replacement 32″₹8700/-

    Toshiba AC Service Centre Kolkata

    Toshiba Window air conditioner service, Toshiba Split air conditioner service, Toshiba Portable air conditioner service, Toshiba Central air conditioner service, Toshiba Ductless mini-split air conditioner service, Toshiba Packaged terminal air conditioner service, Toshiba Through-the-wall air conditioner service, Toshiba Geothermal air conditioner service, Toshiba Hybrid air conditioner service, Toshiba Smart air conditioner service, Toshiba Multi-zone air conditioner service in Kolkata.

    Toshiba Washing Machine Service Centre Kolkata

    Toshiba Top-loading washing machine service, Toshiba Front-loading washing machine service, Toshiba Portable washing machine service, Toshiba Semi-automatic washing machine service, Toshiba Fully automatic washing machine service, Toshiba High-efficiency washing machine service, Toshiba Compact washing machine service, Toshiba Stackable washing machine service, Toshiba Agitator washing machine service, Toshiba Impeller washing machine service, Toshiba Twin-tub washing machine service, Toshiba Combined washer and dryer service, Toshiba Smart washing machine service, Toshiba Steam washing machine service in Kolkata.

    Toshiba TV Service Centre Near Me

    Find a Toshiba service centre in Kolkata near your location. We are present in every PIN code of Kolkata as mentioned below: Toshiba Service Centre in Salt Lake City (700091), Toshiba Service Centre in Alipore (700027), Toshiba Service Centre in Park Street (700016), Toshiba Service Centre in Ballygunge (700019), Toshiba Service Centre in Behala (700034), Toshiba Service Centre in Jadavpur (700032), Toshiba Service Centre in Rajarhat (700135), Toshiba Service Centre in New Town (700156), Toshiba Service Centre in Gariahat (700019), Toshiba Service Centre in Howrah (711101), Toshiba Service Centre in Dum Dum (700028), Toshiba Service Centre in Tollygunge (700033), Toshiba Service Centre in Lake Gardens (700045), Toshiba Service Centre in Kalighat (700026), Toshiba Service Centre in Maniktala (700054), Toshiba Service Centre in Kasba (700042), Toshiba Service Centre in Dhakuria (700031), Toshiba Service Centre in Belgharia (700056), Toshiba Service Centre in Ultadanga (700067)