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    Kolkata’s Best AC Gas Refilling

    If you are looking for the best AC gas filling service in Kolkata, reach out to Urban Service Plaza. With 10+ years of experience, we are experts in on-site gas top up and refilling for all AC brands using eco-friendly gases like R32, R410A and R22.

    Over time, factors like leakage, and wear and tear deplete your AC’s gas levels, reducing cooling capacity. Our technicians use advanced tools to diagnose and precisely refill optimum gas levels, ensuring your AC remains efficient.

    Whether split AC, window AC or central AC, our mobile gas filling vans can reach your home/office for same day service. We handle all major brands like Voltas, LG, Samsung, Daikin etc.

    With quality service, advanced equipment and affordable charges, Urban Service Plaza aims to offer the best AC gas refilling experience in Kolkata. For all your AC refrigerant needs, call 9831 015 086. Your cooling comfort is our priority.

    When Do You Need AC Gas Refilling?

    You need urgent AC gas refilling if you see these symptoms below:

    Reduced cooling and intermittent cooling – The AC fails to reach set temperature and cooling is inconsistent.

    Increased electricity bills – Low cooling gas causes the AC to run longer to provide cooling, increasing electricity consumption.  

    Abnormal noises – Lack of adequate refrigerant can cause abnormal noises from the AC components.

    Leaking water – Refrigerant shortage reduces dehumidification leading to water dripping from the AC.

    Frozen air conditioner – Not enough refrigerant can freeze up the AC coil and obstruct air flow. 

    Visible icy build up – Refrigerant shortage leads to noticeable ice accumulation on AC pipes due to reduced gas flow.

    Strange smells due to gas leakage – Coolant gas leakage can cause unusual smells from the AC vents.

    Higher operating costs – With low refrigerant, the AC compressor has to work harder increasing operating costs.

    Gases Used in Air Conditioners

    R-22 – One of the most commonly used refrigerants in India, now not used because of its harmful effect on ozone layer of atmosphere.

    R-410A – Widely used in newer AC systems as a replacement for R-22. Has zero ozone depletion potential.

    R-32 – Eco-friendly replacement for R-410A in ACs.

    R-600a – Used in some domestic refrigerators and window ACs.

    AC Gas Filling Charges Start @INR 2250 in Kolkata

    Get your AC cooling gas refilled or topped up in Kolkata starting just Rs. 2250. We offer gas refilling for R32, R410A and R22 gases depending on your AC make and model. 

    Charges vary based on the type and quantity of gas required. Small ACs need 0.5-1.5kg costing Rs. 2250-2850. Large floor ACs may require 3-5kg gas costing Rs. 3500-3850 per refill. Contact us to book an affordable AC gas filling service today.

    AC Gas Refilling for All Brands

    Our service technicians are acquainted with the latest technologies of modern AC used in top brands. We provide gas filling service for all the popular brands mentioned below:

    Hitachi AC, Daikin AC, Carrier AC, Blue Star AC, Voltas AC, LG AC, Samsung AC, Panasonic AC, Whirlpool AC, Godrej AC, Videocon AC, O General AC, Onida AC, Haier AC, IFB AC gas filling.

    Why Choose Us for Gas Filling?

    As the leading AC repair service provider in Kolkata, Urban Service Plaza offers the best service for gas filling to restore your AC’s cooling performance. Our certified technicians use the latest tools to thoroughly inspect your AC’s cooling coils, diagnose issues, and provide precise refrigerant top-ups.

    Flexible booking slots – Choose a convenient time as per your availability

    Quick response citywide – Our vans can reach your location promptly for on-site gas filling

    24×7 expert support – Assistance over call, chat, or WhatsApp for any of your AC gas queries

    Advanced equipment – We use cutting-edge tools for in-depth analysis and accurate refrigerant filling

    Eco-friendly gases – Your AC’s gas is topped up using ozone-safe latest generation refrigerants

    Upfront pricing – We disclose all charges clearly beforehand so no hidden costs

    With us, you can rely on timely gas-filling services using eco-friendly refrigerants. Our tech-savvy solutions and customer-centric approach ensure your AC’s optimal cooling at all times. Contact us today to book your gas-filling appointment.

    FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions )

    A 1.5 ton AC requires approximately 1-1.5 kg of coolant gas.

    A 2 ton AC requires approximately 1.5-2 kg of refrigerant gas.

    AC gas refilling should be done by qualified technicians as it requires special equipment and training.

    AC gas refilling is recommended every year before summer to ensure optimal cooling performance.

    Reduced cooling, higher electricity bills and abnormal noises indicate an AC may need gas refilling.

    With proper servicing, refilled AC gas can last 1-2 years depending on usage and wear of components.

    An AC cannot run without adequate refrigerant gas as the gas is vital for heat exchange and cooling.