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Inverter & Non-Inverter AC PCB Board Chip Level Repairing

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    Urban Service Plaza is Kolkata’s most trusted destination for AC repair and maintenance services. As renowned AC service providers, we have extensive expertise in the repair of AC PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) for all brands and models.

    Our qualified technicians offer specialized diagnosis and repair services for AC PCBs of both inverter and non-inverter ACs. We handle simple PCB repairs as well as full PCB replacement and reinstallation for optimal functioning.

    With a mission to prolong the life of your AC, we serve residential and commercial clients across Kolkata. Our prompt, transparent and cost-effective PCB repair solutions aim to provide you with seamless AC maintenance.

    AC PCB Repair Cost in Kolkata Starting INR 1000

    At Urban Service Plaza, our AC PCB board repair pricing starts from INR 1000 for non-inverter ACs and INR 1500 for inverter AC PCBs. Costs can vary depending on your AC type – window, split, floor-mounted or cassette. More advanced ACs with multiple PCBs incur higher charges. 

    The extent of damage also impacts pricing. For e.g. a burnt PCB replacement will cost more than minor chip-level repairs. Our charges are very competitive given our service quality and expertise. With upfront quotes, transparent pricing and cost-effective solutions, we aim to offer you the best value PCB repairing in Kolkata.

    AC PCB Repair Cost Kolkata

    While a new OEM ( original equipment manufacturer ) AC PCB can cost INR 5000-7000, our expert diagnosis and repair allow for fixing issues at just INR 2250-4500 in most cases. PCB repair is significantly more economical compared to outright replacement. It prolongs your PCB’s functioning, saving you money. 

    We assess repair feasibility based on damage. For minor issues like loose connections or minor chip faults, repair is the best value solution. 

    However, beyond economical repair, we recommend replacement for severely damaged PCBs. With us, you get the most appropriate and money-saving solution for your AC’s PCB – either expert repair or replacement. Contact us today!

    AC PCB repair non inverter₹2250/-
    AC PCB repair inverter₹4500/-

    AC PCB Failure Symptoms & Reasons

    If your AC shows any abnormal symptoms, our technical experts can accurately diagnose PCB issues through inspection and testing. We then suggest the best solution.

    • Irregular cooling and temperature fluctuations
    • Strange noises or buzzing from the indoor unit
    • Error code display on AC panel
    • Burning smell from the AC

    Common reasons for PCB malfunction:

    • Soldering issues and loose connections
    • Burnt components due to overheating
    • Bending or breaking of PCB
    • Material defects during PCB fabrication
    • Chemical or oil leakage on PCB
    • Thermal stress and mechanical shocks
    • Leaking fluid causing short circuits on PCB
    • Frequent power fluctuations leading to PCB damage over time

    Why Choose Us for Gas Filling?

    Expert AC PCB repair engineers

    Highly skilled engineers specialized in AC PCB repair and service with 5+ years of experience each

    Prompt Service in Kolkata

    Prompt response within 24 hours and quick turnaround time for PCB issues to minimize AC downtime

    24×7 Customer Support

    Available 24×7 via call, chat or WhatsApp for customer queries and technical guidance

    Economical Service Charges

    Cost-effective repair services at very competitive pricing, up to 40% lower than market rates

    Modern Tools

    Use of state-of-the-art diagnostic tools for in-depth PCB testing and fault identification

    No Hidden Charges

    All charges are stated explicitly upfront, with no hidden costs or surprise billings

    Service Guarantee

    30 days service guarantee plus 3 months additional warranty on spare parts

    Spare Part Warranty

    Genuine quality components are used for replacement to ensure optimal durability

    FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions )

    No, an AC cannot operate without a PCB as it is needed to control the AC components and cooling functionality.

    Yes, minor faults in an AC’s PCB like loose connections, damaged components etc. can be repaired by expert technicians instead of replacing the entire PCB.

    With proper maintenance, the PCB of an AC may last 5-7 years based on usage, operating conditions and quality of components.

    Common reasons for AC PCB failure include voltage fluctuations, chemical leakage, overheating of components, material defects, bending stress and repeated wear/tear.

    A new OEM AC PCB typically costs between INR 5000 to INR 7000 based on brand and model specifications.

    Yes, expert technicians can repair minor to moderate AC PCB damage through part replacement, soldering and wiring fixes to extend its functioning life.