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    TVs, whether CRT, LCD, or LED, can be temperamental machines, and issues can arise regardless of the brand. A malfunctioning TV can ruin your day and leave you frustrated, especially if it interrupts your favorite show. As a non-technical person, attempting to fix it yourself after watching DIY videos can often worsen the problem. It’s best to leave TV repair to the professionals.

    Introducing Urban Service Plaza, the premier TV repair service in Barrackpore. Established in 2019, we have a team of expert, industry-trained, and certified technicians who specialize in repairing all types of televisions, including modern LED and LCD smart TVs. Our technicians are well-versed in the latest technologies and can diagnose and fix any TV, regardless of the brand or model, at an affordable cost. If your TV is giving you trouble, don’t hesitate to contact Urban Service Plaza for a same-day inspection and repair. Our skilled TV mechanics are ready to assist you and get your TV back in working order quickly.

    Hire TV Repair Mechanic in Barrackpore

    Helpline: +91 9831 015 086, 033 2464 3032 ( Mon-Sat, 10 am to 9 pm)
    WhatsApp support:  +917980872976 
    Address: Anandapuri, Barrackpore, West Bengal 700122

    Services Offered

    We offer comprehensive TV repair services in Barrackpore for all types of televisions, including LED, OLED, CRT, LCD, and smart TVs. Our team of veteran service engineers has the expertise to diagnose and repair any TV, from the latest 8K and QLED models to classic CRT and rear-projection TVs. We are committed to providing high-quality, reliable TV repair services to give your dysfunctional television a second life.

    LED TV Repair Service in Barrackpore

    At Urban Service Plaza, our skilled technicians are experts in LED TV repair. Common issues we address include backlight failure, screen flickering, and image distortion. We provide comprehensive diagnostics, part replacement, and software troubleshooting to restore your LED TV to its optimal performance.

    LCD TV Repair Service in Barrackpore

    LCD TVs may experience problems such as screen discolouration, line patterns, and power supply failures. Our team has extensive experience in diagnosing and repairing these issues. We offer LCD panel replacement, circuit board repair, and calibration services to ensure your LCD TV functions flawlessly.

    Smart TV Repair Service in Barrackpore

    As smart TV technology advances, our technicians stay up-to-date to provide expert repair services. We address common problems like software glitches, network connectivity issues, and hardware malfunctions. Our smart TV repair services include firmware updates, system resets, and component replacements.

    CRT TV Repair Service in Barrackpore

    While CRT TVs are becoming less common, our technicians have the expertise to revive these classic displays. We can repair issues like screen distortion, colour problems, and deflection coil failures. Our CRT TV repair services include picture tube restoration, yoke adjustment, and power supply repair.

    4K Android TV Repair Service in Barrackpore

    Cutting-edge 4K Android TVs require specialized attention. Our technicians are skilled in addressing problems like display resolution issues, app crashes, and HDMI port malfunctions. We provide 4K Android TV repair services, including software updates, component replacement, and system optimization.

    TV Problems We Fix

    At Urban Service Plaza, we are equipped to handle a wide range of TV problems, from LED and LCD TVs not turning on to issues with audio, screen distortion, and more. Simply share the details of your TV issue, and our expert technicians will provide fast, reliable repair services right at your doorstep.

    • No power, the TV won’t turn on
    • Audio issues, no sound from speakers
    • Blank or black screen, no picture displayed
    • Poor image quality, distorted or fuzzy visuals
    • Display problems like vertical or horizontal lines
    • Backlight failures, flickering or dimming backlights
    • TV randomly powering off or restarting
    • Faulty or unresponsive remote control
    • HDMI port malfunctions or no signal
    • TV freezing, crashing, or becoming unresponsive
    • Sluggish or laggy user interface
    • App crashes or software glitches
    • Unstable wireless connectivity, Wi-Fi issues
    • Unresponsive control buttons on the TV

    TV Repair Service Charges in Barrackpore

    The cost of TV repair services at Urban Service Plaza in Barrackpore depends on several factors. These include the complexity of the issue, the need for spare parts, the age and model of the TV, and the customer’s location in relation to our service center. Our technicians provide a transparent, competitive quote based on a thorough assessment of the problem. *The rate chart below may change while you are viewing this.

    RepairService Charge*
    TV Installation & Uninstallation₹350
    LED TV Repair Service₹350
    LCD TV Repair Service₹350
    Smart TV Repair Service₹350
    CRT TV Repair Service₹350
    4K Android TV Repair Service₹350

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