Sanyo Service Center & Customer Care in Kolkata

Contact Sanyo customer support for lodging complaints, appliance unit installation or request repair service at the doorstep.

    Sanyo Home Appliance Service Centre Kolkata

    Sanyo has been a Panasonic company since 2009. Sanyo has a few authorized service centres and distributors in India dedicated to the repair and maintenance of Sanyo appliances. For service requests, customers can conveniently contact the centre through the provided customer care number or by submitting an online complaint. Free installation services are available for Sanyo appliances within the warranty period. Customers can also engage in a customer care chat for quick assistance. With a team of skilled technicians, the Sanyo Service Centre in Kolkata ensures reliable and high-quality repairs for Sanyo appliance owners in the city.

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    Sanyo Customer Care (Out of Warranty)

    We at Urban Service Plaza,  the best Sanyo appliances service centre in Kolkata provide doorstep service at an affordable cost.

    Call us at 9831015086, 9831015066, 033 2464 3032 ( landline, 10:00 am – 7:00 pm),  1800 123 8648 (Toll-Free)

    WhatsApp Sanyo TV customer support at +91 79808 72976

    Sanyo Customer Care ( Warranty )

    Phone Support: 1800 419 5088
    Email support:,
    Facebook Page:

    SANYO LED / LCD TV Service

    Sanyo is an online brand of Panasonic India known for popular smart TV products. At Sanyo service centres, we provide doorstep repair & parts replacement service, installation/uninstallation and inspection service. We provide support for all kinds of TV including:

    Sanyo LED TV service ✓ Sanyo OLED TV service ✓ Sanyo QLED TV service ✓ Sanyo Plasma TV service ✓ Sanyo LCD TV service ✓ Sanyo CRT TV service ✓ Sanyo Rear-projection TV service ✓ Sanyo Mini-LED TV service ✓ Sanyo MicroLED TV service ✓ Sanyo 8K TV service ✓ Sanyo Smart TV service ✓ Sanyo Curved TV service ✓ Sanyo 4K TV service ✓ Sanyo HDR TV service ✓ Sanyo Full HD TV service ✓ Sanyo HD TV service ✓ Sanyo Kaizen Android TV service ✓ Sanyo Ultra HD TV service ✓ Sanyo Portable TV service ✓ Sanyo Touchscreen TV service ✓ Sanyo

    Services Offered:

    Are you facing these issues with your Sanyo TV? Then don’t worry, Sanyo customer care is here to help you out.

    • The TV not turning on
    • No sound from speakers
    • No picture on screen
    • Distorted or fuzzy picture quality
    • Vertical or horizontal lines on screen
    • Backlight issues such as flickering or dimming
    • TV turning off randomly OR something else?

    For all kinds of issues, we provide you with the following services including TV Display panel service/replacement ✓ TV Backlight service/replacement ✓ TV Inverter board service/replacement ✓ TV Power supply board service/replacement ✓ TV Main board service/replacement ✓ TV T-Con board service/replacement ✓ TV Speakers service/replacement ✓ TV Remote control service/replacement ✓ TV IR sensor service/replacement ✓ TV On/Off switch service/replacement ✓ TV Control buttons service/replacement ✓ TV Stand/base service/replacement ✓ TV Wall mount bracket service/replacement ✓ TV HDMI port service/replacement ✓ TV USB port service/replacement ✓ TV Ethernet port service/replacement ✓ TV Audio/video input ports service/replacement ✓ TV Audio/video output ports service/replacement ✓ TV Headphone jack service/replacement ✓ TV service/replacement etc.

    Sanyo Service Centre Near Me

    Looking for a Sanyo service centre near me? We are present in every PIN code of Kolkata as mentioned below:

    Find a Sanyo service centre in Kolkata near your location. We are present in every PIN code of Kolkata as mentioned below: Sanyo Service Centre in Salt Lake City (700091), Sanyo Service Centre in Alipore (700027), Sanyo Service Centre in Park Street (700016), Sanyo Service Centre in Ballygunge (700019), Sanyo Service Centre in Behala (700034), Sanyo Service Centre in Jadavpur (700032), Sanyo Service Centre in Rajarhat (700135), Sanyo Service Centre in New Town (700156), Sanyo Service Centre in Gariahat (700019), Sanyo Service Centre in Howrah (711101), Sanyo Service Centre in Dum Dum (700028), Sanyo Service Centre in Tollygunge (700033), Sanyo Service Centre in Lake Gardens (700045), Sanyo Service Centre in Kalighat (700026), Sanyo Service Centre in Maniktala (700054), Sanyo Service Centre in Kasba (700042), Sanyo Service Centre in Dhakuria (700031), Sanyo Service Centre in Belgharia (700056), Sanyo Service Centre in Ultadanga (700067)