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    RO Low water pressure Repair

    Low water pressure often indicates a problem with clogged pre-filters, so we will thoroughly clean or replace them to improve flow. We will also check piping for kinks restricting flow, confirm adequate input water pressure, and determine if the RO membrane needs cleaning or replacement.

    RO Water leakage Repair

    When a water purifier is leaking, we thoroughly inspect every connection point and joint to locate the origin of the leak. We then replace damaged o-rings, gaskets or other specific parts that are causing the water to escape from the system.

    RO Taste/odor issues Repair

    Unpleasant tastes and smells in purified water are eliminated by fully sanitizing the storage tank and replacing the post-carbon filter that cleans the final output water. We also inspect and change any pre-filters that have become overly clogged with contaminants that affect water quality.

    RO Cloudy water Repair

    Cloudiness indicates contaminants passing through a compromised RO membrane, so we thoroughly inspect for any membrane damage or ruptures. If needed, we will attempt to clean the RO membrane first, or replace it completely if cleaning does not restore proper function.

    RO Noise Problem Repair

    Excessive or unusual noise during operation alerts us to a potential problem with the pump, motor or internal parts. We troubleshoot by systematically checking each component starting from the pump and motor, to identify any loose fittings, damage or blockages causing the noise.

    RO No water flow Repair

    No output water indicates a failure in critical purifier components like the membrane, pump or plumbing connections. To fix this, we thoroughly inspect the membrane, plumbing, electrical circuits and pump/motor, and systematically replace any damaged parts to restore normal water flow.

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    When it comes to RO water purifier repair in Kolkata, we have the expertise to fix all major brands and models, including Kent, Aquaguard, Livpure, Pureit, Blue Star, LG and many others. With seasoned technicians on our team, we can reliably service any issue in your RO water filtration system, keeping it running optimally no matter what brand it is. You can trust us to provide exceptional repair solutions for any make and model of RO purifier. We are committed to ensuring your RO water purifier performs at its best regardless of its manufacturer.

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