Best Voltas Service Centre in Barasat

Contact Voltas customer service to register a complaint, AC, fridge, washing machine, microwave unit installation/uninstallation or request repair service at the doorstep.

    Voltas Service Centre Cotnact

    Address: Noapara, Chak Barbaria, Barasat, Kolkata – 700125
    Phone: 9831015086
    Time: 10 am to 7 pm

    Voltas Customer Care (Warranty)

    Phone: 1800 102 2626 (Toll-free)

    Schedule Voltas Service Technician Visit in Barasat

    Voltas, a leading player in the home appliance and HVAC industry, offers a wide range of products and services. The company’s service centre in Barasat provides comprehensive after-sales support to customers.

    At the Urban Service Plaza, the best Voltas service centre in Barasat, customers can easily register complaints, request service for their Voltas appliances, and inquire about warranty information. Customers can schedule technician visits for installation, repair, or spare parts replacement, ensuring their Voltas products continue to perform at their best.

    Our service area covers a large part of Barasat, including important localities such as Ashoknagar, Madhyamgram, Noapara etc. Customers can reach out to us directly via phone, WhatsApp chat, or the convenient online contact form to avail of our certified technicians’ expertise.

    Services Offered:

    Voltas, a renowned brand for home appliances, understands that even the most advanced technologies can encounter issues. Rather than attempting DIY repairs, it’s best to rely on the expertise of Voltas’s certified trained technicians. By partnering with the Voltas service centre in Barasat, customers can have peace of mind knowing their appliances are in the hands of experts who prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure the longevity of their Voltas home appliances.

    Voltas AC service centre Barasat

    At our Voltas service centre in Barasat, we cater to a wide range of air conditioning units, including Voltas Window air conditioner Service, Voltas Split air conditioner Service, Voltas Portable air conditioner Service, Voltas Central air conditioner Service, Voltas Ductless mini-split air conditioner Service, Voltas Packaged terminal air conditioner Service, Voltas Through-the-wall air conditioner Service, Voltas Geothermal air conditioner Service, Voltas Hybrid air conditioner Service, Voltas Smart air conditioner Service, Voltas Multi-zone air conditioner Service etc.

    Services include Voltas AC gas charging/filling Service, Voltas AC jet cleaning Service, Voltas AC Shifting Service, Voltas AC not cooling enough Service, Voltas AC is taking too long to cool down Service, Voltas AC making loud or strange noises Service, Voltas AC producing strange odours Service, Voltas AC constantly turning on and off Service, Voltas AC not turning on at all Service, Voltas AC leaking water Service.

    Voltas Fridge service centre Barasat

    Voltas’ service center in Barasat provides doorstep repair support for a wide range of refrigerators including Voltas Top-freezer refrigerator Service, Voltas Bottom-freezer refrigerator Service, Voltas Side-by-side refrigerator Service, Voltas French door refrigerator Service, Voltas Compact refrigerator Service, Voltas Built-in refrigerator Service, Voltas Counter-depth refrigerator Service, Voltas Mini fridge Service, Voltas Freezerless refrigerator Service, Voltas Beverage refrigerator Service, Voltas Wine refrigerator Service, Voltas Outdoor refrigerator Service, Voltas Drawer refrigerator Service.

    Service includes Voltas Fridge not cooling properly Service, Voltas Fridge making strange noises Service, Voltas Fridge not turning on Service, Voltas Fridge leaking water Service, Voltas Fridge door not sealing properly Service, Voltas Fridge producing strange odours Service, Voltas Fridge constantly running Service, Voltas Fridge not making ice Service, Voltas Fridge producing too much ice Service, Voltas Fridge freezing food Service, Voltas Fridge too warm Service.

    Voltas Washing Machine service centre Barasat

    Voltas trained washing machine technicians are capable of fixing any washing machine problems. Service includes Voltas Top-loading washing machine Service, Voltas Front-loading washing machine Service, Voltas Portable washing machine Service, Voltas Semi-automatic washing machine Service, Voltas Fully automatic washing machine Service, Voltas High-efficiency washing machine Service, Voltas Compact washing machine Service, Voltas Stackable washing machine Service, Voltas Washing machine not turning on Service, Voltas Washing machine not spinning Service, Voltas Washing machine not draining Service, Voltas Washing machine not agitating Service, Voltas Washing machine leaking water Service, Voltas Washing machine making strange noises Service, Voltas Washing machine vibrating excessively Service, Voltas Washing machine producing bad odours Service.

    Voltas Microwave Oven Service Centre Barasat

    Voltas Countertop microwave oven Service, Voltas Over-the-range microwave oven Service, Voltas Built-in microwave oven Service, Voltas Combination microwave oven Service, Voltas Drawer-style microwave oven Service, Voltas Commercial microwave oven Service, Voltas Microwave not heating Service, Voltas Microwave arcing Service, Voltas Microwave plate not rotating Service, Voltas Microwave producing strange noises Service, Voltas Microwave not starting Service, Voltas Microwave sparking Service, Voltas Microwave door not closing properly Service, Voltas Microwave producing burning smell Service, Voltas Microwave displaying error codes Service.

    Voltas Water Dispenser service centre Barasat

    Voltas service center in Barasat offers comprehensive doorstep repair services for a wide variety of Voltas water dispensers. Whether you have a floor-standing, table-top, or wall-mounted water dispenser, our skilled technicians are equipped to handle all your service needs. From professional installation and uninstallation to thorough problem diagnosis and repair, our team utilizes genuine Voltas spare parts to ensure your water dispenser functions at its best. Customers can rely on our expertise to restore their Voltas water dispensers to optimal performance, ensuring a steady supply of clean, filtered water for their homes or offices.

    Voltas Appliance service charges Barasat

    Voltas AC Installation & repair₹350/-
    Voltas AC Gas filling service₹2250/-
    voltas fridge service₹350/-
    voltas washing machine service₹350/-
    voltas microwave oven service₹350/-
    voltas water dispenser service₹350/-

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