Voltas AC Service Center & Customer Care in Howrah

Contact Voltas Customer Support for AC Inspection, AC Relocation, AC Gas FIlling & Doorstep Repair

    Voltas AC Service Center Contact

    Phone support: 9831015086 ( Mon-Sat, 10 am to 7 pm )
    WhatsApp support: +917980872976
    Email support: servicesconcord@gmail.com
    Address: Netaji Subhash Rd., Naora, Shibpur, Howrah – 711101

    Voltas Customer Care ( Warranty )

    Toll-free number/free installation: 1860 5994 555 / 96506 94555
    Customer care email: vcare@voltas.com
    Whasapp: +919650694555
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyVoltas
    Twitter: https://www.facebook.com/MyVoltas

    Schedule Voltas Service Technician Visit in Howrah

    Voltas, established in 1954, is India’s largest air conditioning company, offering a wide range of innovative products like air conditioners, air coolers, and refrigerators. Known for its cutting-edge technologies like DC Inverter, Voltas caters to diverse consumer needs with quality engineering solutions.

    Voltas provides exceptional after-sales services through its authorized service centre in Howrah. Customers can register complaints, request service for their appliances, and get information about warranty, schedule service technician visits for installation, repair, or spare parts replacements.

    Introducing Urban Service Plaza, the best Voltas AC service centre in Howrah, catering to areas like Shibpur, Bally, Belur, and the Botanical Garden. Customers can directly call, chat on WhatsApp, or submit requests through the contact form to receive prompt support.

    Voltas AC Services Offered

    Voltas, a premier appliance brand known for advanced technologies, still faces occasional breakdowns as machines. Attempting DIY fixes from videos risks complicating issues. Instead, reach out to Voltas service centre in Howrah, where trained technicians skillfully inspect, and repair with genuine parts and hi-tech tools, providing quick solutions through scheduled doorstep visits facilitated by customer care executives.

    Voltas trained technicians are savvy with the latest technologies used in ACs and can repair all kinds of Voltas AC including Voltas Central Air Conditioner service, Voltas Split AC service, Voltas Ductless Mini-Split AC service, Voltas Window Air Conditioner service, Voltas Portable Air Conditioner service, Voltas Floor Mounted AC service, Voltas Hybrid AC service, Voltas Dual Fuel Air Conditioner service, Voltas Smart Air Conditioner service, Voltas Geothermal Air Conditioner service, Voltas Cassette AC service, Voltas Ductable AC Service, Voltas Tower AC service, Voltas Cube AC service in Howrah within 24 hours.

    Voltas AC Installation & Relocation Howrah

    For new AC installations in Howrah, Voltas offers end-to-end services, including site inspection, unit placement, piping and wiring, and final testing. When relocating an existing AC unit, our technicians carefully disconnect, transport, and reinstall it at the new location, ensuring proper functioning. With their expertise, Voltas ensures a hassle-free installation or relocation process for your air conditioning needs in Howrah.

    Voltas Split AC Service Howrah

    Voltas provides comprehensive split AC service in Howrah, ensuring optimal performance through tasks like cleaning air filters, checking refrigerant levels, and inspecting electrical components. Our skilled technicians also undertake repairs, replacements, and installations, ensuring seamless functionality of your split AC unit.

    Voltas Window AC Service Howrah

    For window AC units, Voltas offers specialized services in Howrah, encompassing tasks such as cleaning condenser coils, lubricating fan motors, and checking thermostat settings. Their technicians are adept at diagnosing and resolving common window AC issues, ensuring efficient cooling and energy savings.

    Voltas AC Gas Filling Howrah

    Maintaining proper refrigerant levels is crucial for AC performance, and Voltas provides AC gas filling services in Howrah. Their technicians carefully check for leaks, evacuate the system, and refill it with the correct refrigerant quantity, ensuring optimal cooling and energy efficiency.

    Voltas AC Jet Cleaning Howrah

    Over time, ACs accumulate dust and debris, affecting their performance. Voltas offers AC jet cleaning services in Howrah, using high-pressure air and specialized solutions to thoroughly clean the indoor and outdoor units, improving airflow and cooling efficiency.

    Voltas AC PCB Repair Howrah

    The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is the brain of an AC, and Voltas provides expert PCB repair services in Howrah. Their technicians diagnose and rectify PCB issues, ensuring the proper functioning of the AC’s control systems, sensors, and safety features.

    Voltas AC Problems We Fix

    Despite being a premier AC brand, Voltas units can experience issues. Our skilled mechanics are adept at solving any Voltas AC problems at your doorstep. Reach out to us immediately if you encounter cooling inefficiencies, strange noises, refrigerant leaks, faulty thermostats, drainage clogs, or other malfunctions. We offer prompt and reliable solutions, ensuring your Voltas AC operates at peak performance.

    • Voltas AC gas charging/filling 
    • Voltas AC jet cleaning 
    • Voltas AC Shifting
    • Voltas AC not cooling enough
    • Voltas AC is taking too long to cool down
    • Voltas AC making loud or strange noises
    • Voltas AC producing strange odours
    • Voltas AC constantly turning on and off
    • Voltas AC not turning on at all
    • Voltas AC leaking water
    • Voltas AC blows warm air instead of cold air
    • Voltas AC not responding to thermostat settings
    • Voltas AC producing weak airflow
    • Voltas AC freezing up
    • Voltas AC tripping circuit breaker

    Voltas AC Service Charges

    Service charges for Voltas AC repair depend on various factors such as type of issue, complexity of the issue, whether spare parts are required, age of the AC unit, customer location from the service centre etc. The rate chart below may change while you are viewing this.

    Voltas AC PCB repair non-inverter₹1800/-
    Voltas AC Un Installation₹800/-
    Voltas AC Jet cleaning₹850/-
    Voltas AC PCB repair non inverter₹2250/-
    Voltas AC PCB repair inverter₹4500/-
    Voltas AC Gas Filling Charges₹2250/- to ₹3850/-

    Find Voltas AC Service near you

    Voltas service centre offers technical support in wide areas of Howrah city. We dispatch Voltas AC service technicians to any PIN code in and around Howrah city. Voltas AC service centre in Howrah, Voltas AC service centre in Bally, Voltas AC service centre in Uluberia, Voltas AC service centre in Domjur, Voltas AC service centre in Jagatballavpur, Voltas AC service centre in Panchla, Voltas AC service centre in Shyampur, Voltas AC service centre in Amta, Voltas AC service centre in Udaynarayanpur, Voltas AC service centre in Bagnan, Voltas AC service centre in Shibpur, Voltas AC service centre in Sankrail, Voltas AC service centre in Dhulagari, Voltas AC service centre in Chamrail, Voltas AC service centre in Belur, Voltas AC service centre in Liluah, Voltas AC service centre in Andul, Voltas AC service centre in Bankra, Voltas AC service centre in Jagacha, Voltas AC service centre in Mourigram, Voltas AC service centre in Shibpur.

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