Mi® TV Service Center in Barasat

Contact customer support for lodging complaints, TV unit installation/uninstallation or request repair service at the doorstep.

    Mi TV Service Centre Contact Barasat

    PH: 9831015086, 033 2464 3032, 1800 123 8648 (Toll-Free)
    Time: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm, Monday to Saturday
    WhatsApp: +91 79808 72976
    Email support: servicesconcord@gmail.com
    Address: Noapara, Chak Barbaria, Barasat, West Bengal 700125

    Mi TV Customer care

    Free installation: 1800 103 6286
    Customer care email: service.in@xiaomi.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/XiaomiIndia/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/XiaomiIndia

    Request Mi TV Mechanic Visit in Barasat

    Mi, a trailblazing Xiaomi sub-brand, excels in LED/LCD TVs with cutting-edge tech and sleek designs. In Barasat, Mi prioritizes customer satisfaction through an authorized service centre offering exceptional after-sales support, catering to all TV-related needs with utmost professionalism.

    Customers in Barasat can register complaints, request service for their Mi TVs, and obtain information about warranties at the authorized service centre. They can also schedule visits from service technicians for installation, repair, or spare parts replacement. Urban Service Plaza, known for its prompt same-day services, is the best Mi TV service centre in Barasat.

    Customers can conveniently reach out to Urban Service Plaza by calling directly, chatting on WhatsApp, or submitting requests through the contact form to receive prompt support. The Mi TV service centre covers a large area, including important localities within Barasat, ensuring that customers’ needs are met efficiently.

    Mi QLED TV

    Services Offered at Mi TV Service Center

    Urban Service Plaza offers comprehensive TV repair services under one roof with a service guarantee. Our veteran engineers have expertise across all modern TV technologies including Mi LED TV, Mi OLED TV, Mi QLED TV, Mi LCD TV, Mi CRT TV, Mi Plasma TV, Mi Smart TV, Mi Curved TV, Mi 4K TV, Mi HDR TV, Mi Full HD TV, Mi Android TV, Mi Portable TV, and more, giving your dysfunctional TV a new lease of life.

    Mi LED TV Repair Service in Barasat

    At Urban Service Plaza, we offer comprehensive LED TV repair services to address common issues like backlight failure, panel damage, power supply problems, and faulty motherboards. Our skilled technicians can replace defective components, repair circuit boards, and resolve any software-related glitches. We ensure your LED TV regains its pristine condition and performs optimally.

    Mi LCD TV Repair Service in Barasat

    Our LCD TV repair service in Barasat caters to a wide range of issues, including screen discolouration, dead pixels, inverter board malfunctions, and flickering displays. Our experts have the knowledge and tools to diagnose and rectify these problems, ensuring your LCD TV delivers vibrant and crystal-clear visuals once again.

    Mi Smart TV Repair Service in Barasat

    Smart TVs require specialized attention, and our technicians are well-versed in resolving common issues such as Wi-Fi connectivity problems, software glitches, operating system crashes, and remote control malfunctions. We can also upgrade firmware, install apps, and troubleshoot any smart features to enhance your overall viewing experience.

    Mi CRT TV Repair Service in Barasat

    While CRT TVs may be ageing, we understand their sentimental value and offer comprehensive repair services. Our technicians can address problems like picture tube failure, deflection yoke issues, flyback transformer malfunctions, and power supply failures, extending the lifespan of your beloved CRT TV.

    Mi 4K Android TV Repair Service in Barasat

    For 4K Android TVs, we provide specialized repair services to resolve issues like resolution scaling problems, HDR compatibility issues, sluggish performance, and app crashes. Our experts can optimize your 4K Android TV’s performance, ensuring you enjoy the true potential of Ultra HD visuals and seamless smart TV functionality.

    Mi TV Problems We Fix

    Connect with us for fast doorstep Mi TV repair, addressing issues like no power, blank screen, audio problems, vertical/horizontal lines. Common LED/LCD TV problems handled include backlight failure, panel damage, dead pixels, inverter board malfunctions, and software glitches. Share details for prompt resolution.

    • Mi TV not turning on
    • No sound from the speakers
    • No picture on the screen
    • Distorted or fuzzy picture quality
    • Vertical or horizontal lines on the screen
    • Backlight issues such as flickering or dimming
    • Mi TV turns off randomly
    • The remote control not working
    • HDMI ports not working
    • Mi TV freezing or crashing
    • Slow or unresponsive interface
    • Apps not working or crashing
    • Unstable Wi-Fi connection
    • Mi TV not responding to control buttons
    • Power supply issues
    • Screen discolouration or pixelation
    • Dead pixels

    Mi TV Repair Service Charges in Barasat

    Mi TV repair service charges in Barasat are influenced by several variables, including the intricacy of the problem, the requirement for spare parts, the proximity of the customer’s location to the service centre, and the age of the TV unit. Intricate repairs involving advanced technologies or complex components tend to incur higher costs compared to basic troubleshooting and fixes. *The rate chart below may change while you are viewing this.

    RepairService Charge*
    Mi TV Installation & Uninstallation₹350
    Mi LED TV Repair Service₹350
    Mi LCD TV Repair Service₹350
    Mi Smart TV Repair Service₹350
    Mi CRT TV Repair Service₹350
    Mi 4K Android TV Repair Service₹350

    Mi TV Service Center Near Me Barasat

    Urban Service Plaza dispatches expert technicians for doorstep TV repair services across Barasat and surrounding areas. With a wide coverage area, get prompt assistance for all your TV repair needs, conveniently at your location.

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