Hitachi AC Service Center in Barrackpore

Contact Hitachi customer support for lodging complaints, AC unit installation/uninstallation or request repair service at the doorstep.

    Hitachi Service Centre Contact

    Phone support: 9831015086 ( Mon-Sat, 10 am to 7 pm )
    WhatsApp support: +917980872976
    Email support:
    Address: Anandapuri, Barrackpore, West Bengal 700122

    Hitachi Customer Care ( Warranty )

    Toll-free number/free installation: 7567884848, 079 71414848
    Customer care email:
    Whasapp: +919650694555

    Hire Hitachi AC Mechanic in Barrackpore

    Hitachi, a renowned Japanese brand, is a trusted leader in the air conditioning industry, offering a wide range of advanced window, split, and central AC units. In Barrackpore, customers can avail of Hitachi’s exceptional after-sales services through their authorized & unauthorized service centres.

    At Urban Service Plaza, the best AC service centre in Kolkata, customers can register complaints, request service for their Hitachi appliances, and obtain information about warranties. The service centre is known for its prompt same-day services, ensuring that customers’ AC issues are resolved efficiently. Customers can conveniently reach out to the Hitachi AC service centre in Barrackpore by calling directly, chatting on WhatsApp, or submitting requests through the contact form.

    The Hitachi AC service centre in Barrackpore covers a vast area, catering to the needs of customers in various important localities within the region. With its commitment to customer satisfaction and technical expertise, Urban Service Plaza is the go-to destination for all Hitachi AC-related services in Barrackpore.

    Hitachi Air Conditioner Services

    Hitachi AC repair is best handled by professionals at Urban Service Plaza. Our experienced engineers expertly repair all Hitachi AC models, from window to central, using genuine parts and advanced tools, ensuring reliable service with a guarantee.

    Hitachi Window & Split AC Service Barrackpore

    Hitachi window and split ACs can encounter common issues like refrigerant leaks, compressor failure, and electrical problems. We offer expert diagnosis and repair services to address these problems, restoring your cooling comfort efficiently. Our skilled technicians utilize specialized tools and genuine Hitachi parts to ensure a long-lasting solution for your window or split AC unit. Customers can trust the Hitachi-trained professionals to provide reliable and comprehensive repair services for their Hitachi ACs.

    Hitachi AC Installation & Relocation Barrackpore

    Proper installation is crucial for the optimal performance of your Hitachi AC. The service centre in Barrackpore employs certified installers who follow Hitachi’s guidelines to ensure a seamless and efficient installation process. Whether you’re setting up a new Hitachi AC or relocating an existing unit, we offer comprehensive installation and relocation services. Their experienced team handles the entire process, from site assessment to final commissioning, to guarantee a smooth and hassle-free experience.

    Hitachi AC Gas Filling Barrackpore

    Refrigerant gas leaks can significantly impact the cooling efficiency of your Hitachi AC. Our expert professionals provide reliable gas filling services to restore the proper refrigerant level and maintain the unit’s performance. Their technicians use specialized equipment and genuine Hitachi refrigerants to refill the system, adhering to safety protocols. Customers can trust the service centre to diagnose the root cause of the gas leak and provide a lasting solution to keep their Hitachi AC running at optimal capacity.

    Hitachi AC PCB Repair Barrackpore

    The printed circuit board (PCB) is the brain of your Hitachi AC, and any issues with it can lead to various malfunctions. We offer expert PCB repair services to identify and fix any problems with the electronic components. Skilled technicians utilize advanced testing equipment and follow Hitachi’s repair guidelines to ensure the PCB is restored to its optimal functioning. Customers can trust the service centre to provide a reliable solution for their Hitachi AC’s PCB-related issues.

    Hitachi AC Jet Cleaning Barrackpore

    Regular cleaning is crucial for maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your Hitachi AC. We also provide comprehensive jet cleaning services to remove dust, debris, and other contaminants from the unit. Our trained professionals use specialized tools and cleaning agents to thoroughly clean the heat exchanger, filters, and other critical components of the Hitachi AC. This jet cleaning process helps improve airflow, enhance cooling performance, and extend the lifespan of your Hitachi AC.

    Common Hitachi AC Problems

    Hitachi AC owners in Barrackpore can rely on Urban Service Plaza for prompt, expert repairs. From power issues to screen malfunctions, their skilled technicians diagnose and fix common Hitachi AC problems quickly, restoring your cooling comfort. Contact them directly to schedule a convenient service visit.

    • Hitachi AC gas charging/filling 
    • Hitachi AC jet cleaning 
    • Hitachi AC Shifting
    • Hitachi AC not cooling enough
    • Hitachi AC is taking too long to cool down
    • Hitachi AC making loud or strange noises
    • Hitachi AC producing strange odours
    • Hitachi AC constantly turning on and off
    • Hitachi AC not turning on at all
    • Hitachi AC leaking water
    • Hitachi AC blowing warm air instead of cold air
    • Hitachi AC not responding to thermostat settings
    • Hitachi AC producing weak airflow
    • Hitachi AC freezing up

    Hitachi AC Service Charges

    *The service charges below may change while you are viewing this.

    Hitachi AC PCB repair non-inverter₹1800/-
    Hitachi AC Un Installation₹800/-
    Hitachi AC Jet cleaning₹850/-
    Hitachi AC PCB repair non-inverter₹2250/-
    Hitachi AC PCB repair inverter₹4500/-
    Hitachi AC Gas Filling Charges₹2250/- to ₹3850/-

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