AC Capacity and Room Size Calculator

AC Room Size Calculator

Meter to Foot Calculator

Confused about AC capacity and tonnage for your room? Use our easy air conditioner tonnage calculator to get an approximate estimation of the ideal cooling capacity required.

To use our AC calculator, simply input key details about your room including the length, width and height dimensions in feet, the number and sizes of windows, if you have shades or drapes on the windows, what furniture materials are in the room (wood, metal etc.), the number of people typically occupying the room, and details on the room’s insulation. Getting the properly sized air conditioner is crucial to effectively cooling your room without wasting energy.

Here are step by step process to calculate AC tonnage capacity for your room size:

Calculate Basic Capacity:

  • Determine the area of your room in square feet.
  • Divide the area by 600 to get the basic capacity. For example, if your room is 100 square feet: Basic capacity = 100 / 600 = 0.167 tons

Adjust for Number of People:

Add 0.5 ton for every 5 people in the room.

Consider Additional Factors:

  • Adjust the basic capacity based on specific factors:
  • Extremely hot weather (>45 degrees Celsius): Add extra 0.5 ton.
  • Terrace flat or direct sunlight: Add extra 0.5 ton.
  • Heat producing work at home: Add extra 0.5 ton.
  • Metal furniture: Add extra 0.5 ton
  • Rooms where papers or books are more: Add extra 0.5 ton
  • Long or heighted house (>12 feet): Add extra 0.5 ton